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“Who am I?’

My name is Anthony Milton. I was born in Savannah, Chatham County Ga. I am the oldest of ten children. When I was in junior high school, I was a loner, why, because I did not want to have a conversation with anyone. Because I had a very bad speech impairment problem. For that reason, I wrote down some of my thoughts on paper, especially before I had to talk to a female. I would study what I wanted to say to avoid those words that are a problem for me. Today, I still have a problem pronouncing certain words. When some individuals tease me about how I talk. I felt the pain from their words.

I wrote many, “Who am I?” for my books and yet I was compelled to write something different this time.

“Who am I?” I am my ancestors, they are living through me. One spiritual awakening day, I realized that all of my mother’s and father’s ancestors and their ancestors are living through me, even though some are dead. My behaviors knowingly and unknowingly are from them and from the ones I do or things I say.

All of my deceased and living family members are living through me. We all are one. Death had separated us physically, but spiritually we are still connected, (more on that at another time and place).

“Who am I?” I am a person that cares about other people. I realized that I was born for such a time as what is going on in this country. A day does not go by without me questioning my existence and purpose.

“Who am I? I know there is more to existing than eating, sleeping, marrying, enjoying sex in marriage, earning money, etc. I know that I am not alone. I had spoken to a few individuals that feel the same way I do.

“Who am I? I once was an adolescent that lay on the front porch at my cousin's house at 3am. As I looked at the moon, I heard, “I need to find God.” I jumped up from the porch and walked towards the sidewalk. I walked back and forth, I felt my heart beating faster, I was sweating, nervous, and at the same time I said, “I need to find God over and over.”

“Who am I? I am a black male that is on a painful and dying to self - on the road to find God, for He had not evaded me.Some of my family and ancestor’s did, knowingly and unknowingly. Some have followed after their own selfish journey without listening for God's voice.

Who am I?” I am a physical body for the spirit of God or Satan to manifest their thoughts through. I have a choice to listen for God’s or Satan’s voice. My behaviors would reveal to me and others who I am listening to.

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