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What are my books about?

I am always asked, what do you write and what are your books about? Here is a short summation. . The below titles begins with the oldest to the newest. My journey to share my writing has not been an easy task. I struggle, and I still do; however, deep within I know I must continue and learn as I go. You will find that everything that I have written contains embedded Bible scriptures. It is a gift from the Lord. I am able to write parables about the things I look at. Everything that we look at is constantly speaking to us according to our understanding, and behaviors.

You Will Always Have Snakes in Your Head

Do you wonder why you have thoughts or actions that are harmful to others or even yourself? Do you wonder where or how these thoughts originated and evolved? On the other hand, why and how those thoughts sometimes escalate? On the other hand, if it is possible to control or even eliminate those thoughts. On the other hand, if you are able to achieve this on your own, or if you should seek assistance? Should you want to discover the answers to these questions and others that you may not have even considered, join me, along with a few friends, and delve inside to share the journey in obtaining the answers? Perhaps even obtaining the solutions that will enable you to have a much happier and more fulfilling life.

He Still Speaks Now Listen

Let me begin with, the expression, “He still speaks now listen.” During the 1970’s or 1980’s I was praying to God, and I heard; He still speaks now listen.” From that, point on I knew that God had given it to me, and I was to use it because it will trigger spiritual insight within the listener. In addition, as I began to write I notice something interesting, about my writings. I notice that they were parables a short moral story that puts emphasis on self.

I was in a spiritual position to bring forth messages from the things I would look at after I am inspired to write. In addition, I realize that my writings had scriptures inserted within. On the surface, the average person would not see a Bible scripture; however, a person who attends church or reads their Bible would see and say. That is a scripture. I do not intend to write with the intention of embedding scriptures. I am a spontaneous writer, from three hundred or more topics that I have complied; I have only two that are not spontaneous. Every one of them has some type of hidden scriptures. Maybe it the Lord way of planting his seeds within the individual through the book I write.

He still speaks now listen is an example of this gift that God has given to me to use for his purpose. As you read from page to page, you would see embedded scriptures and most of all, he will speak to you according to your understanding, and if you decide to pick this book up repeatedly, you would receive more understandings according to your spiritual growth.

Thug desire

Thug desire is about a woman’s desire for something different from what she is accustomed to. Her journey will take her, though a mental struggle that would eventually cause her to think about her choices, and should she birth the thug within.

She would be challenged with a choice. Her desires are no different from ours. We just do not realize it, or we have never been told in a manner that is in this book. You will learn that we all have a desire that wants to be birthed, on the surface, it has the appearance of giving us pleasure, but deep within it come with emotional, and physical discomfort.

Think about this, if we could see that, the desire that we want is filled with pain. We will not birth something that will ultimately damage us. You would gain information from this book that would assist you in making the right choices the next time you want to birth a thug of behavior.  

Lord, teach me how to pray.

It is about learning how to pray for and through the mind of Christ Jesus. This book is to spiritually jumpstart you into another understanding about prayer.

According to your understanding. You will notice that you are praying differently. I hope that accordance to what the Lord has revealed to you.

Our prayer life should be about what the Lord wants to say and do through us. He is number one. Think about this you are not number two. It is not about you.

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