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He Still Speaks, Now Listen, a Compilation of Parables

  1. A flight toward accession

  2. A decisions of Maturity
  3. A new flow
  4. A needle in the haystack
  5. Black and proud
  6. Black and white
  7. Choose who you should serve
  8. Crying
  9. Discrimination
  10. Do you love God?
  11. Eye examination
  12. He loves me in the morning
  13. I am representing
  14. I am not sure
  15. I am sorry
  16. I cannot hurt you
  17. I did not like what you did to me
  18. I know how you feel book
  19. I know how you feel poem
  20. I know how you feel a deep version
  21. I know how you feel
  22. I live with my decision
  23. I was inspired to write
  24. I am Crying
  25. In the pain of love
  26. Is justice expressing herself
  27. Love
  28. Married
  29. My evil twin
  30. Pecking
  31. Peel your own onion
  32. Planting the seeds of sin
  33. Playing he race card
  34. The American people want
  35. The church remains silent
  36. The tears of a black male
  37. Time to heal
  38. True love
  39. Underwear
  40. What is life
  41. What would you do
  42. When is your tomorrow?
  43. Which foot you are standing on?
  44. Who has authority in a marriage?
  45. Who is the majority?
  46. Who are you following?
  47. Representing
  48. Spiritual truth
  49. The truth
  50. I am hungry are you
  51. We need to change
  52. The hurricane is here
  53. Do it for the children
  54. Are you really following
  55. I love you
  56. Undercover brother
  57. Are you really following the Lord?
  58. I am a slave
  59. Slave Master
  60. Slave dealer
  61. Slave player
  62. We all are slaves
  63. It is not my fault
  64. When bad things happen
  65. Nothing
  66. Tired of feeling the abuse
  67. Who decides what is wrong and right
  68. Babysit my children
  69. I must deny myself
  70. Cremation love
  71. The Sandman of life
  72. Your Clothes need to be wash
  73. You are dead and you don’t know it
  74. I need Child support
  75. I have been captured by an enemy
  76. Who trash can are you eating out
  77. Where were you went the lights went out
  78. Go there
  79. Who socks are you wearing?
  80. I am an Alphabet
  81. A white tee shirt thing
  82. I have one life to die
  83. Think not that you are righteous with me
  84. I do what I have to do
  85. When did I hit and rape you?
  86. I cried last night
  87. There is more to life than life itself
  88. Show it to me
  89. Family reunion
  90. Baby faith
  91. Your mountain of words is stopping you
  92. Does the Spirit of the Lord only show up on Sunday?
  93. The wind is blowing
  94. Where were you when I create you?
  95. Your tongue can hurt you
  96. You must learn to pray properly
  97. The Levitical Priesthood
  98. Now you are paying for it
  99. True love comes from God
  100. Are you stopping the Spirit?
  101. Come to me as a newborn
  102. Do not judge a book by its cover
  103. Taking the Lord name in Vain
  104. Is there a weight on your Spirit?
  105. Are you struggling with sin?
  106. Are you looking for Love?
  107. Serve yourself this deep revelation fast
  108. Who is dictating your life?
  109. Are you really saved and is heading in the right direction?
  110. What do these three things have in common?
  111. We are being physically abuse internally
  112. What shall we eat?
  113. What is my will for your life?
  114. We need to change
  115. Visiting our hometown
  116. Prayer is the key
  117. It is time for you to know
  118. You have been given the directions
  119. Take aim at the mountain
  120. Did you know that?
  121. Where in the word of God it says, part 1
  122. Where in the word of God it says, part 2
  123. How to pray?
  124. What happen when you believe a lie?
  125. Find it in the word of God
  126. Your tongue can hurt
  127. There is no written law
  128. We are a fish
  129. It was an accident
  130. I have bread that you have need of
  131. Where do you live?
  132. You need a vasectomy
  133. We all must die
  134. I don’t know you
  135. I travel back In time
  136. The power of thoughts
  137. I have one strike against me
  138. Visiting home
  139. There is no more time left
  140. Spider
  141. Get off the needle
  142. Who is your service provider?
  143. What is in a number?
  144. Would you marry me?
  145. What if, part 1
  146. What if, part 2
  147. What if, lyrics
  148. Life is not a soap opera
  149. What is your bowl of soup?
  150. I wear a cross
  151. Minds that are against God
  152. Heavenly bound no earthly deeds
  153. His temptation reveals you and I
  154. Don’t worry about your unsaved love ones
  155. Where were you?
  156. In the beginning
  157. Are you eating from Satan burger king
  158. Everything that we do will eventually blossom
  159. Whose image are we?
  160. Where did I come from?
  161. Why I am what I am today?
  162. It is a girl
  163. It is a boy
  164. In order to comprehend
  165. That which has been planted
  166. The creation cannot tell
  167. Are you behaving like a car?
  168. Where are your clothes
  169. The road you choose
  170. Are you taking a bath
  171. The birth of a child
  172. What is life?
  173. I do what I have to do
  174. You are acting white
  175. Who voice are you following?
  176. Spiritual toothache
  177. Death in the family
  178. Family tree
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