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She is listening

There have been numerous times when I have thought about many of the topics in which you write about. I have not, however, been capable of capturing the essence that you, in fact, have. 

You are very eloquent and incredibly articulate. I am envious beyond words. I do find truth in your writing, as I'm sure, do many others. A truth that, at times, would be difficult to hear, to feel, to consider. Thus, many would suppress your ideas, afraid of what they might find if they accept them, terrified of the possibilities that their superficial world, as they know it, may just be a facade, a disguise, in which to hide their true identity, that may expose themselves to ridicule, or condemnation. 

People's insecurities surface and allow them to fall victim to reality, a reality in which they may not want to accept, or least prefer not to. Your writings have risen a fear in me. I began to question myself, my existence, my insecurities, and perhaps my facade that I have created. You are an amazing man Tony. You are going to be a true success, yet it is going to be your audience that is going to truly benefit." 

Susan M

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