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In the late eighties the Lord gave me this title, “He still Speaks, Now Listen,” as I wrote down a message.

 “He Still Speaks, Now listen,” writings would speak to you wherever you are spiritually. Every time you read the same message again and again you will receive another level of thoughts, and understanding. You will receive answers to your problems, circumstances, and etc. However, you must choose to accept the answer.

God is always talking to us through strangers, radio, television, friends, families, husband, wives, children, and everything that your eyes look upon.

Some people are not listening for His voice. They are listening to their emotions, and because of that they are blocking the various channels He is using. They pick who, and what they will listen to especially if they get an answer that lines up with their emotions.

We must listen to the truth that comes from everything and people. I asked the Lord, once if I am ever called to do His work, I want three things, I did not want to know how people perceive me, because I did not want to have a big ego, and I want to provoke people to think. He answered my request.

I do not write for money, I write to inspire, the money I will receive is from the fruits of my labor.

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