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I want to thank the Lord for giving me the ability to look at ordinary things and bring forth thought provoking, inspirational messages that we all can mature and learn from. It is my Prayer that you too will take heed to what He is telling you.

I am compiling all of my writings. There will be many more books. I have three books, titles, “You will always have snakes in your head,” “He Still Speaks, Now Listen, a compilation of Parables,” and “Thug Desire.

I would deliver a few stand-alone books such as, “You need a deliverer”, “You are acting white”, and “I know how you feel. May God touch you in the needed area of your life,. Call upon Him, He is here to help you. Seek out His path and walk on it. Knowing that He is watching and observing your ways. He cannot serve you until you call upon Him.

I hope that one of these titles will provoke you to think, open you eyes, mind, ears, and inspire you to seek Him for the answers that you need. 

Listen, a compilation of parables

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