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We are what we think and what we eat. Who is feeding us? Is it from the Spirit of God or from Satan? We are not independent thinkers. There is no other place where our thoughts come from. It makes no difference if we refuse to consider or do not believe that we are what we eat. We will receive what we believe. This is a foundational message for us to build upon and according to our thoughts and the ways we think, we would build our own behavioral house.

Everyone’s behaviors are the same, but we respond and behave differently to them. Everything that happens to us is from the way we think. Life and death are in the power of our words.

Every time we feed ourselves or accept food (words) from other people, we are eating what they are feeding us. How do we eat? We accept their food of thoughts into our mind without considering if it could be harmful to us.

Why do we accept thoughts from others? Perhaps because their thoughts appeal to our selfish desires. This is what prevents us from looking any further. We must be aware of their motives, and ours. It would be a good thing if their motives were in good faith, however, if they have an ungodly motive, then what they are feeding us will be harmful to us.

Sometimes we do not want to consider the truth; if we did, we would have to make a choice to change, and some of us do not want to change. Therefore, we blame others for problems or circumstances in our lives.

Everything that we do or say is from the thoughts of God or from Satan. Everything good and evil; whether a lie or truth comes from their spirit. We need to examine our behaviors to see what spirit is manifesting through us and what spirit is manifesting through those who we are talking to.

Furthermore, our emotional pains are from the thoughts that we are thinking. For example; suicide, depression, loneliness, mood swings, etc.

We are responsible for our behaviors. We cannot or should not blame God or Satan. We are told that we must examine our thoughts and see what spirit is manifesting through us. When we behave in an ungodly manner, we should immediately recognize where that thought came from. No one can make us say or do anything. We decide what we want to do or say from the spirit that we have allowed to manifest through us. It has to be one or the other it cannot be both. We would love one and hate the other. We are never innocent. We are responsible for any thought that we accept into our mind.

In conclusion, we attract what we are, not what we want. We attract people, situations, and circumstances of our lives from the thoughts that are within us. Remember we are our ancestors and every ungodly or good thing that they did passes down to us from generation to generation. Again, I want to remind you, that your unbelief does not stop or prevent us from experiencing the consequences of their sins and ours that were never confessed. Think of it like a magnet, it attracts. Have you even tried to put two magnets together that will not stick, until you switch them to their opposite sides, and they would come together?

It is the same spiritually, what is inside of us and from our ancestors is our problem? From that position, you would know why bad things happen to us. That is another message for another day. Every time we act on a thought, we are building our own house and depending on the thought. We could eventually collapse mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Here is some desert for you to chew on. Have you ever moved to another city or location to get away from people or situations that were not good for you? You wanted to make a new life for yourself; however, when you arrive at your new place, the same problems, situations, or circumstances pop up again. Do you know why? Here is the answer; it was never the physical location.

The problem was not your physical location; it is where your mind was living. What is in you attracted the same thing back to you? We are spiritual beings in a physical body. Our thoughts are spiritual just like the words we speak. In order to change what is on the outside you must change the way you think. You cannot do that by yourself. You need to accept the truth about you. Allow the Lord to help you, He would not help you until you ask for help, and then he would send someone to you, afterward you must ask him or her to help you, if you choose. Some people would not ask for help because of their pride. They do not want anyone to know that they have a problem.

We need to seek out the truth, no matter how hurtful. Which is better, to be hurt from a lie or feel the pain from being delivered? You need to choose whom you will serve; who is serving you your food of thoughts?

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