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Oh my God, why was my love one convicted of a crime that they did not commit? They are innocent, Oh Lord! Not my baby: what I am going to do? This cry is heard throughout the county and the world every day. From time to time, we hear of a person saying that they are innocent, and later on they are released from jail or prison after DNA results, or new evidence proved that they were indeed innocent.

Is Justice executing her authority? From this message, you will see the real reason as to why innocent people are pronounced guilty. In addition, the truth shall set them free one day, if justice is allowed to express herself. Furthermore, you will see why a guilty person is given an innocence court verdict.

I am afraid to say that if justice is not allowed to express herself, the innocent individual may serve the sentence of the real suspect, spend the rest of his or her life in prison, be put to death or die in prison. Sometime the suspect is never caught. You may think that is not fair, consider this; Justice will not force herself on anyone in order to make something right. Certain events, circumstances and so on have to happen for her to operate; she has to attach herself to something.

An example of justice, expressing herself is to make the wrong right. In other words, a new trial is ordered by the courts, and sometimes the once guilty person is pronounced innocent.

Even if there is a new trial and the person who claims that they are innocent is found guilty again, is it because the witnesses are dead, lack of evidence, the witnesses cannot be found, or dishonesty from the prosecution or defense, No! Only spiritual justice knows the truth as to why they are found guilty. You need to know that we are born into a world with a sinful nature within us, that is also from our ancestors. Their sins are passed down from generation to generation (and we commit our own sins, a fact to keep in mind, we are our ancestors. 

Every one of us could be experiencing something that we may think is not fair. 

I want to inform you that you had nothing to do with the creation of the spiritual laws. Spiritual justice must be allowed to express herself. It must have something to attach itself to.

When the six or twelve-jury members are persuaded with lies from the prosecution, police officer, and defense, Justice will have no room to move through the trial. In addition, spiritual justice must be allowed to flow through the judge or jury; when it is not, the outcome will not be in the innocent individual’s favor. However, if there is an honest error in the court proceedings, justice can use that opportunity to make the correction.

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