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Stay on the plantation it's benifits me

I was inspired to write, “Stay on the Plantation, It benefits me,” because of what I was hearing from the mouths of some black leaders. These leaders claim to speak for our race. However, they are indirectly saying to stay on the plantation because it benefits me to rule over you. There should come a time in everyone’s life when we should begin to question what we are hearing. I am one of these people asking, “Why am I here? What should I be doing? Should my life be defined by these leaders or by me?” Then I realize that I was awakening from my mental state of slumber. I had been sleeping all these years, while I was awake. While asleep, I was being told lies about how good it was, being on the plantation. These lies controlled my everyday behavior. I was spiritually sleeping, while doing my own self-centered things. I was not concerned with what was going on around me. I was sleep walking through fields of lies. I had allowed the planting of lies in the plantation of my mind. I refused to uproot these weeds of lies and plant the seeds of truth. I became the very thing that I allowed to grow in my mind. A planter will come in due season to till my soil of emotions with more lies and encourage me to, “Stay on the Plantation, it benefits me”, not you. Indirectly they were saying that I needed them and the government to think for me. Am I to be a puppet, moved by strings of words? Should I wait for my puppeteer to pull my emotional strings? Should I remain a mental slave, shackled by their words of oppression?


Should I look for an opportunity to escape from the self impose plantation of thoughts about me? I have been bound by lack of knowledge of self and the truth. What can set me free from my oppression? Should I blame my lack of trying to escape, on the other race? As the days and weeks pass, I began to feel helpless. I felt that I could not do anything to stop the, “Stay on the Plantation, it benefits me” way of thinking in others nor myself. I wanted to shout out, “Wake up, wake up! You, who are sleeping walking, wake up!” As I slowly began to awake, I realized that we were being indirectly labeled as weak, inferior, stupid, hopeless, and more by black leaders. Many said that it was the other races fault that we are on the plantation.


When some began to question these leaders, they are attack with insults, lies or character assassinations. A direct result of their refusal to remain on the puppeteer’s emotional plantation of ideas and beliefs. As a race of people who has been oppressed, beaten, killed or raped, “the white man” is always to blame. Yes, this is true to an extent, but they are not the only race that is oppressing us. There is another race that is doing it daily in some form of another. What race is it that will seek to kill, steal, and destroy? It is that black race. Black individuals are committing all types of crimes, against their own race. In addition, black leaders seek to harm its own race so they can remain in power. They say that they speak for their entire race. I do not recall them asking me what my moral views are. They are supporting issues that are shackling me to their plantation of choice.


Some black and white people get along well together. Despite this, we still hear some blacks, saying to stay away from whites because they are no good. Who is warning us about the black leaders who are no good for us?


Thinking about it now, I cannot recall any modern day black leader saying or doing things as past black leaders did. Some of these past leaders pointed their finger at themselves. They felt that we could accomplish many things as other races. We could achieve many great things; not from the color of our skin, but by the knowledge within us. Some leaders today have been with the past leaders. They must have forgotten this because they are deceitfully saying, “Stay on the Plantation, it benefits me.” They are instilling this plantation way of thinking. Some blacks have allowed themselves to be placed on the mental whipping post of life. They are being killed, raped, oppressed, and robbed, all through lies that have kept them bound to the plantation of their puppeteer.


When anyone escapes, he or she is captured and brought back to the plantation to face the music of their accuser, on the plantation of the puppeteer. Some are mocked and made fun of in the main square of the news media. Some will be called an Uncle Tom because they refuse to confess their support to the puppeteer and stay on their plantation.


Those who decide to remain on the plantation of the puppeteer, will be fed with a little bit of truth, mixed with lies to reinforce, “Staying on the Plantation, its benefit me.” The puppeteer claims to speak for my family and me, assuming that he knows what is best for me. Nothing has been done to get me off their plantation of oppression. When I allow myself to remain on their plantation of ideas, I will behave according to their words. I will be working for them and they will have power over me, I am keeping them in the position to pull my emotional strings. This will guide my behavior away from escaping.


They are my slave owners. They control me and they have the power to deceive me. If we are led by our emotions and refuse to accept the truth about who is harming us, we will remain sleeping, while awake. When we seek to be free from the plantation of mental control, we are labeled as enemies of our own race. We will face many attacks from those who choose to stay on the plantation of their puppeteer. The puppeteers have exempted themselves from the truth. They have set themselves up as a slave master of their own race. They say that we speak for their own race and they know what is best for their people. They hold us back with lies of the past! Shifting our eyes and ears off of them and pointing the finger at others. They try to convince us that they have done this or that to you, but we, the plantation owners are for you and we will help you.


Should you and I be judged by the color of our skin or by our character and moral behavior? Repeatedly, these same leaders focus our attention on the color of our skin.


They say that we should receive something for it, and because of past discrimination, we deserve restitution. Vote for me, elect me, and when I win, I will change things. What have you changed? Have you gotten me off of your plantation way of thinking? We must choose to escape from the puppeteer who seeks to steal, kill and destroy us. We must take responsibility for our own behavior and quit accusing or blaming others for our own self-imposed plantation way of thinking.


When we allow our puppeteer slave master to think for us, we will remain on the plantation of lies. We will be eating little crumbs of truth and sipping on the lies. We may have a feeling of being full, but we will be starving spiritually. We need to be fed with the truth about self.


By choice, we in the black race need to see the truth about the plantation way of thinking. See the truth about the puppeteer and begin to be your own farmer. Plow up the old way of thinking that you allowed to be planted by the puppeteer. Some may label you as “acting white, a sellout, jumping over.” You may be whipped with untruths, shackled with accusations about your character, all by the same black leaders, who says they speak for our race.


When we continue to allow the puppeteer to remain in control, they will have the power to steal, kill and destroy us. We must begin to awake from our mental sleep walking state, to seek out a righteous leader. The puppeteer will cease to have power and they will lose their position and benefits from us being on their plantation.


Are we not to think; for ourselves or question what we are hearing? Should we jump into a swimming pool without looking? We will then realize that it is too late to change our direction from the stealing, killing and destroying that is at the bottom.


Remember this message the next time you indirectly hear, “Stay on the Plantation, it benefits me.”


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