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Where is my dad?

From Azania Nefertiti Ali




I realize how important it is to have a dad in a young girl’s life. I always wanted a dad to talk to about the difference between little boys and grown men. If my dad would have just sat down with me and said Azania Nefertiti Ali.If a man really loves you, he will not just want you for sex. I am more than just my hips and my thighs.


Men won’t fall in love with you if you have sex with them. Little boys tell girls what they want to hear to get in their pants. They will even tell you, that they love you just to have sex with you. Anthony I could go on and on about how important it is to have that male role model in the home or even involved in a young girl’s life.


I will say one last thing, and that is known I will gain more understanding than I realize. Until I handle my unfinished childhood business, I will behave like a child.See Anthony what I did not handle or complete as a child, I will handle and complete as an adult. There are some things in the back of my mind that stills hurt.


Anthony thank you for all the wonderful advice and spiritual intake. You’re a wonderful person to talk to. I feel like I can talk to you about any and everything.


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