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Who are you following?


You must choose the right road

I was driving to work and had this thought: Who are you following? I had a revelation that you and I could benefit from. I want to point out that some of us make decisions based on how we feel, what we think, and what we believe instead of the truth. “Who are you Following?” is to provoke you into asking yourself the same question I asked myself.


Politicians from both parties are not perfect. If they were, why are there always elections to elect someone else? In addition, how do we decide a candidate? Many people vote for what is in it for them and what partly they think they belong to. Instead, we should vote for the individual who has clearly stated their positions; that position being in agreement with the word of God. It is wrong to vote or do anything from our emotions. We should listen to the candidate and see what he believes.


I am a Christian who believes in the word of God. I do my best to obey His commands. We should vote for politicians that are closely following the laws of God. I noticed that many Christians are not obeying the word of God. They have their own belief about fornication, adultery, alcohol, etc.


When you vote, or decide to vote for someone who has a different position from what God has clearly stated in the bible, ask yourself, who are you following? Are you following the Lord, yourself, or Satan. We cannot continue to say that we are a Christian and refuse to separate ourselves from the lies? There is no in between where we are neutral and it is not our fault. We are either following God or Satan.


We must accept the truth and obey the word of the Lord. No wonder we have the government that we have. Politicians are reflections of the majority that voted for them. When we say that we are Christians, and believe what people, family, ministers, friends, and politicians are saying, which goes against the laws of God, who are we following?


We are not following the Lord. We cannot have it both ways and believe it is all right to do as we please, because of what we think, believe, and how we feel. When we do, we are telling the Lord we know what is best for us. In other words, we are declaring to the almighty God that we know what we want, and we are saying that we are Gods.


No one is excused. Not even ministers, pastors, teachers, evangelist nor any one that has authority in a church are exempt from judgment. God is not winking anymore. These people must teach what God has said. They should not be afraid to tell the truth. The truth needs to be told. It saddens me when I hear a man or woman of God teach untruth, especially when I read the opposite. Teachings from the anointed should have nothing to do with their opinion. Sin is sin, there is no other way to say it or pretend it is not. The compromising needs to stop and only the Lord has the power to stop it.


I saw two different political conventions. One candidate openly expressed their belief in God and the other did not. When the party that did not express God openly attempted to amend their platform to allow God to be added to it, a motion was submitted and the people at the conventions were asked to vote on it by saying I or No. The sound of the crowd indicated no. The chairperson ignored it and added God to their platform. The convention attendees did the unthinkable. They booed God. I recall a scripture, “He who deny me, I will deny them”.


It entered my mind that these people knowingly or unknowingly have told God that they know what is best for them. Because of their actions God’s spiritual laws are going to fall upon them. Whatever bad things will happen to them in the future, some may never realize that it was because they booed God. It makes no difference if they got caught up in the moment. How can anyone boo God, the Creator of everything? We have His life giving spirit in us. If He does not remember us, we won't wake up the next morning or we could instantly fall dead.


Here is an interesting thought I had when I heard them booing God. It was as though God was standing on the stage and asking the people to allow Him into their lives, and they booed Him. Spiritually speaking some are booing God every day for something bad that had happened in their lives.


Do not blame God or ask why bad things are happening to you. Your own mouth and behavior have brought judgment upon you. He Still Speaks, Now Listen has no power to make you do anything. I am a disciple of the Lord. I am provoking you into thinking about who are you following. There are consequences when we go against God. We will reap what we sow, or our children or their children will pay the price. It is not God punishing us, we are calling judgment upon ourselves. Who are you following: God or Satan?


Now you must decide to come to Him and ask what you must do to stop the judgment that has fallen upon you, or will fall upon you because you have compromised His word for the sake of getting along. Remember you will receive what you believe! There are no laws that any political party can pass that will prevent spiritual judgments from falling upon you and I.


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